Amaranthine is a pre-forming, TERA specific guild focused on exploring every aspect of the highly anticipated game.

Guild Summary
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Ethernal1 (GM), Pekoe (Officer)











About Us

Our guild is founded on the desire to find a solid core of experienced players that share our enthusiasm for games, while still maintaining a level of casual flexibility to allow for a healthy AFK life.

As the impending and unknown release date of TERA potentially looms hazily on our horizons, pre-forming guilds are scrambling to form up. We are no exception! Any experienced MMO player knows it hard to find just that right group of people to fit in with. Every guild, clan and legion has those core, inseparable members, and we are looking for just that.

What sets Amaranthine apart? We are determined to find the balance of Game and AFK. The push for progression is highly valued here, but we also understand that life happens even to the most dedicated of players. We are specifically looking for experienced members to make sure our hard earned game time, no matter how long or short, is successful and utilized to its fullest potential.
What can Amaranthine offer me? At this point, we can only speculate what guild features will be available to us by the time of release. Ideally, we assume for a give and take relationship in regards to financial and item contribution and distribution. And we always offer company and grouping opportunities from day one.

Now What?Edit

Want more info? More information can be found at the Amaranthine Website.
Questions? You can ask us anything from our website's Contact Page, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
Want to Apply? Our doors are always open. Feel free to fill our our Application Form. Applications are reviewed within one day of submission. Currently, we are accepting any and all classes and races (and undecideds). Until release, we are only looking at your character, not your toon.

See you in game!