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Introduction Edit

Cerberus Gaming is a gaming community and guild established for gamers who want more than a simple guild experience. We go beyond having a singular entity in one game and have many autonomous groups operating across a multitude of game genres and titles. All of our members strive to reach similar goals; we want to excel in our individual areas of expertise and have fun doing it with like-minded gamers. We understand that both games and gamers evolve over time, so we have a high degree of fluidity; members are able to play numerous games and always have fellow members to play with.

Requirements Edit

Leadership Edit

  • Game Leader - Glove
  • Officers - Lamira, Notturno, Flanlord

Why you should join Edit

We provide a multitude of benefits and activities for our members, both within games and outside of them. Our top priority is to maintain active, stable and successful guilds across numerous games; you should be able to jump into any of our supported games and have an enjoyable experience playing with fellow members.. We also offer a number of community building activities, such as Cerberus Plays, Man Dates, community forums, a dedicated Mumble server and social media interaction.

Application processEdit

All applications are processed through our website. After you go to register an account, you will be able to submit an application through our application page. After you apply, users are expected to take the initiative to connect to our Mumble server and play with our members and other applicants. All applicants are considered probationary trials and assessed during their stay with the community.

Applicants who are looking to make a serious effort to join the community should display these traits...

  • A willingness to play with guild members and an interest in teamwork.
  • The ability to take feedback and actively implement it.
  • A desire to improve as an individual and team.
  • Initiative to communicate and interact with guild members.
  • Most importantly, the desire to have fun while playing with guild members