Exotic Occult (XO) was born in PvP through players of mutual desires and goals in Age of Conan. A slim group of 20 players took on the Hyperborea server under the name Danse Macabre (Dance of the Dead). From the tombs of AoC many ventured into Darkfall where we fought against the hacked and exploited launch community ultimately destroying the games playerbase. Aion became the next effort under the tags Guardians of Ariel on the server Ariel. With a group of 40 players we competed for first place against Legions of 100+. Within the strong core group of what's now known and forever will be known as eXotic Occult our ability to exceed the stipulations and achieve great things against any odds will continue on. As XO and because of the previous dominance and ability to achieve we are now pushing as a solid professional group. With visions of competing in cash tournaments and excelling in areas most guilds consider to be a myth. We are not a kids guild and only support drama ensued by PvP.


  • 18 years or older
  • Remain Active
  • Respect your guild mates
  • Middle-Core (30+ hours a week)
  • Hard-Core (40 + hours a week)
  • Raiding 3 times a week
  • No global flaming
  • No forum flame wars, say your piece if you must and then /ignore
  • No Bots (If you don't have the time to play... don't play)
  • No Hacks (If you're this bad... just join a zerg guild)
  • Competence (Learn your character)
  • PvP (Do not join if you're not willing to participate in PvP)
  • Put your guild first (If you don't play with us... what's the point of joining?)