Focus is primarily a NA PVP guild. It was formed when a group in Aion started considering TERA Online as the next MMO. The name 'Focus' was chosen, because it seemed to convey exactly what they wanted their main goal to be in TERA: to focus on all encountered challenges and surmount them flawlessly.

If their experience in Aion taught them one thing, it is that they wanted to surround themselves with dedicated and loyal players. Though they don't necessarily plan on rushing through any single MMO, Focus prefers to be efficient and at the cutting edge of competition.

Their core group of players comprises dedicated and loyal individuals that have left their mark in popular titles such as Ultima Online, DAOC, SWG, Lineage 2, WOW, AOC, Shadowbane, and more. During their 1+ year of playing K-TERA on the Korean servers, they have amassed a lot of experience and knowledge, which may catapult them and those they impart such with experience and knowledge to the forefront very quickly.

They will see you in Arborea. "No drama. Just play." - is their motto. They can be found online at