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We are an army of furries, willing to protect our freedom with our lives.  We do not discriminate against the oppressed.  We do not hesitate to attack the oppressors.  We do not show them mercy.

We are Furries United.

Recruitment Requirements[]

In order to join and become a Furry Recruit, you must send an application or find a member and ask them to join.  In order for you to join/stay in the guild:

  • You must be a furry.  Any level of furry-ism is acceptable.
  • You must not take part in activities illegal in your area.  We run this on a Don't Ask, Don't Tell basis.  So if you DO practice zoophilia, keep in mind that if it's illegal in your area, we WON'T accept you.  We have standards.
  • You must be at least Level 1.  We do not accept people at level 0.  Level 0 is for /b/tards.

When you do become a Furry Recruit, you must log in at least once every month.  We understand life gets busy, so we're being lenient.  If you think you'll be out for longer than a month, send the Guildmaster in-game mail telling him that you'll be inactive but know you'll be coming back on whatever date you plan that you'll be back.  If it's a pregnancy, make sure to tell us that, so we won't delete you when the absence notice expires.

Ranking Up[]

In order to rank up to the next rank, Furry Lieutenant, you must, in addition to sending me a message asking me to rank you up to Lieutenant, have been already a part of the guild for at least two months.  As a Lieutenant, you gain the ability to use the Guild Bank.  Lieutenants have to log in at least every two weeks, unless given notice of absence.  If you fail to log in after two weeks, you will be demoted.

Ranking up to Furry General is only for the Senior Furry Generals and the Guildmaster to decide.  Only the Guildmaster can turn members into Senior Furry Generals.  Furry Generals gain GvG capabilities, and must log in at least every week, or will be demoted, unless given notice of absence.  Senior Furry Generals can change the MotD and act as a council to the guild.  Senior Furry Generals do not have a log in requirement, instead being based on reasonable doubt.