Guild: Brilliant Impact
Leaders: Caia, Cichy
Goals: End Game
Timezone: PST through EST
Looting: ZeroSum(TBD)
Guild Size: 35

About Brilliant Impact and Impact Gaming

As part of the ever growing community of Impact Gaming, the TERA chapter is no different in our goals. We have players of diverse mmo backgrounds and games, and have set our sights on TERA. From the beginnings with Neutral Impact, IGC has grown to become an important factor in the mmorpg world, with now 5 separate chapters of players all in different games. Players have entered into one guild, and even when gameplay may have become stale, they have found a gaming home for themselves to stay, where they can take part in other games with the friends they have made here. IGC and its guilds have numerous counts of server and world firsts on multiple games, and plan to continue this into the future.

Mission Statement

The Impact Gaming Community is a group of skilled player who have gathered together under a single banner to game together in (semi)hardcore fashion! We seek mature adults, who have a high level of gaming skill, to join our gaming community! Each of us has a passion for gaming, particularly MMORPGs, but we play other games as well. All of our guilds offer experienced leadership and have seasoned players on their rosters. Each guild is considered an "end game" group and works towards achieving top status on their respective servers. All guilds use a DKP system (ZeroSum), a Raid Planner for organizing events, and utilizes a bank system. Transparent rules is a major component of our gaming community and consider everyone in the community an equal, regardless of role or rank. The community is EST based, but we server players as far west as PST zone.

TERA Goals

In following with our other community chapters, our first priority is conquering PvE content. TERA is a lot more PvP oriented than our other games, and keeping that in mind, we will be accepting players who enjoy PvP content as well. We will be fitting our members with gear quickly, and gaining territory in the polictal system. We seek players who not only just want to be a part of a guild, but part of our community. While we wait for the final details upon release, we are preparing to hit the ground running.


We are currently looking for all classes, as well as people looking to take on a leadership role. Recruitment is done through our easy application process located at the top under the Brilliant Impact tab. After you application has been put in, it will be posted to our application forum for review and feedback. We'll be in contact with you shortly after that to let you know the results.

I look forward to the future and thanks for your interest in Brilliant Impact! If you have any questions, please contact me at!