"And each bullet will be just that,
a kind word shot into the back of every
child's head..." - unknown.

“I had fun once…and it was awful” was the words spoken by one of our forefathers. He realizes how horrendous and disturbing the thing called “fun” really was. Ever since that realization, he dedicated his life to stop the atrocities that is called “fun” in any media. That was 92 years ago and now his life work lives on in No Fun Allowed.



Guild Focus:

Myan Christian ERPvPvE




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Albert Einstein

Scott Fitzgerald


Guild Alliance:



Fatal Pulse

What We Expect From Members:

1) Unwavering dedication to Guild Chat and Erotic Roleplaying.

2) Thirty-Two(32) years of MMORPG expertise.

3) The ability to reach level 58 within 1 hour of launch so we can start farming end game gear and gank lowbies.

4) PHDs in Electrical Engineering, Astrophysics, Mathamatics and Military History for raiding purposes.

5) A Kill-Death Ratio of 8.8 or higher in Tribes: Ascend.

6) Knowledge of the cheapest gold selling sites.

7) Must have a Kabod Online account.

8) Hardcore players only. Casuals will be IP traced, followed and given daily doses of indirect radiation.

9) Once a year, one member must be sacrificed to The Boar. The Boar will only accept females as tribute. Be prepared to make this comitment if you wish to join No Fun Allowed.

10) Association with those Touch Fluffy Tail pigs will not be tolerated.

About Us:

To Hurt Is Human
To Be happy, Divine.
Some people find joy
one day I'll find mine.
{C I walk through the darkness
struggling to find the light,
without any strength within me
to try to put up a fight.
{C give me a reason to live
cause dying looks easy to me.
Burn me in your memory
find me in the cemetery.
meet me at the wake
eyes full of tears with heartbreak.
{C the world is to me, painted only in colours of grey
I have an ache in my heart that says I'm not okay.