Relax and enjoy while we crush you between our fingers. We shall enjoy your dying screams as prelude to the destruction!

Sovereign Legion X


Cyrilx, Decus




Mount Tyrannas




North America






Recruitment Thread

SLX was originally established back in 1999. SLX  tands for Sovereign Legion X. The unique ranks and system of promotions allow for a strong, unbreakable guild that has stood against anything, along with the best quality leaders around.

The original leaders of the guilds still lead today. This experience along with close knit officers and council allow a fluid guild to function and change to fit each and every individual member and shape the guild to an even greater level.

SLX is a PvPvE guild. Our history alone makes the guild's story one of glory, and each member adds to that with their actions. We govern our guild and ourselves with pride and respect. Skill simply falls into place with the rest, although advancing in the guild is impossible without it. Every move of SLX is given great thought from the best intellectual members to govern it, which is why there is not just one leader, but an entire council to make sure the best fit actions are in accordance for SLX. We are very competitive with other guilds and people, although respect is and always will be the greatest attribute of our actions. Of coarse, a little trash talk here and there can't hurt either and only drives competitiveness further.

We have always been at our greatest strength during PvP and wars verse other guilds. The competitiveness drives each member to go beyond their reach to attain the greater for themselves and the guild. This is not the only thing important though, as help for our fellow members is the only way to achieve anything. Each council member has an assigned task to ensure that the guild runs smoothly, including the guild bank, rules, promotions, events, items, and help for members.

All in all, a guild is nothing without a strong foundation. Each of us interacts with each other on a daily basis, even out of game. The kinship created by this is the strongest part of SDE, and that can never break.

If you are interested, check out our website in the link above. There is also a link to the recruiting page if you so wish to check their first. It explains briefly what we are looking for and the direct places to look to see if you want what we offer.