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Heavily PvP/PK focussed. We do PvE though


EU PvP Server - We shall be aiming to play on the most competitive PvP server


Small at the moment








Recruitment Thread NA // - EU

So Synergy has launched. We are a Hardcore style Tera guild focusing mainly on PvP, however we will complete PvE content at a competitive rate.We will hopefully grow in size over the coming months before the release of Tera and take part in the coming betas.

Recruiting Classes Archer Berserker Lancer Mystic Priest Slayer Sorcerer Warrior

We are currently recruiting all classes. As the game is so far from release, we don't expect you to know what class you are going to play, so just apply without a class attached.

Looking for Officers As a start-up guild, we are currently looking for Officers to lead our guild once Tera goes live. You will be required to moderate these forums, manage guild issues as well as plan and lead guild events within the world of Tera. If this interests you, send a private application to myself explaining why would want to become an officer in Synergy and why you particularly would be better for the job than any once else who may apply. Remember, you need to already be a member of the guild to apply.

Joining the guild If you are interested in joining Synergy Gaming, head over to out application section of the forum and read our sticky post about applying. Once you have read this, create and application in the forum and we shall respond as soon as possible.