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The Crimson Knights is a mature multi gaming community. The goal of the Crimson Knights is to enhance members gaming experience across multiple systems and platforms by providing a structured environment to game in. The Crimson Knights is PvP oriented but also we take time to clear PvE content. We plan on fully diving into Tera once it is released in NA, Until then we play a slew of other popular games

About the Leader

Balmung has been running guilds, clans, legions for over 10 years now. Balmung plans to create a place to bring all the friends he has made over the years together and with any lucky will bring in some new longtime friends. After playing K-Tera for a while he has decided for the time being the Crimson Knights main focus will be NA Tera.


As a mature guild we accept people 17 and older. On rare occasions we will let someone younger in if they prove they are mature enough.

Do not cheat, bot, or do anything else that would break any games ToS agreement.

Do not troll/spam public chat channels such as LFG or Trade.

You must have and use a microphone to talk on voice chat with us.

Be active on the website, it will keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in the community.

Must be a team player who plays with and helps out other members of the Crimson Knight community

Must be willing to work on your class and dedicate time to playing Tera NA

if you are interested in applying to join up with us visit our website listed below. If you have any questions you can Email Balmung at or reach him on skype fdaydesign1. Good luck to all applicants!