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Hello everyone! I just wanted to open an invitation to join our guild. We are a PvE guild that will operate on the Dragonfall

server. Currently we are looking for seasoned and new players who are looking for a Guild that will help them learn and

grow in the wonderful world of Tera. This is a new guild and we are looking to create a very welcoming environment for

anyone even if you are a new player.


A willingness to learn and grow with us
Capable of working well with others
Voice coms (Private Mumble Server)
Be able to help others to the best of your ability.
Must live in North America, or be active during our time.

What we are looking for:

Officers to help run the guild. Experienced MMO players will be first pick, but don't let that stop you! If you're a new

player you still have an opportunity to advance within our ranks.
Anyone looking for a great time.

What we can offer YOU:

A friendly environment for you to grow and expand however you want to.
We have scheduled events but they are not required. How far do you want to go with the guild? That's up to you, whether

you want to be hardcore or casual. The more you put in the more you will get back.
A great time, we plan on keeping things interesting in the guild.
A guild that won't require you to spend 40+ hours a week to join, play when you want.
A learning environment, we don't care if you are a seasoned MMO player or totally new to the scene. We will take you

under our wing and help you become the best at whatever you want to do.
We will be there for you when you need us, whether you are stuck on a quest or that tricky dungeon. We help each other



Hope to see you in our Guild!