Candidate Shield 3

The Holy Order Coat of Arms

Hi everyone!

We here at The Holy Order are looking for mature players(Age 18+)! Of these mature players people need to listen and follow directions/orders. It is essential that all our members have at least headphones or speakers to use Teamspeak2 with. We wish to accomplish great feats in both PVP, PVE and politics in game. We have high expectations of our members and of what the guild is capable of doing. If you wish to join contact us at with the header "Joining"!

Any questions about The Holy Order can be submitted to our email with the header "Questions About Guild"!

We will be playing the North American Server and we are accepting people from all over the world! Our language is english so please speak it well enough to communicate decently. Perfection in the language is not required but speaking it well enough helps with communication!

Our guild website is, . It has basic information about us as well as a brief history. Check it out!

Guild forum is not going to be released to the public at any given time!

Guild Rules

1. Respect

2. Equality

3. Understanding of Hierarchy, and Respect for leadership choices.

4. Legitimacy(No hacking, scaming, etc etc)

Hope to see everyone in game!