[NA] Thick as Thieves (Valley of Titans)Edit

We're a family of gamers that enjoy the rush and ever changing skill of PVP. We are a laid back guild with hardcore goals. Although we are a PVP oriented guild, we will be using PVE as necessary to gear up. We're not a zerg guild and strongly believe in quality over quantity in our member base. We strive to provide a close-knit, family feel where everyone knows your name. *que Cheers music*

What We Have to Offer You: Other than having the obvious goals such as vanarchs and pvp (GvG and battlegrounds) dominance, we want to supply the best gaming experience you've ever had. We provide a laid back environment with people that are easy to talk to and welcoming to all of our members. Have a question? We'll do our best to answer and help you. Our mindset is that a strong guild comes from a strong core base. Our base members have been gaming together since the beginning of AION. We've moved around to multiple games but have always kept our eyes focused on TERA since AION's release. Aside from being a force to be reckoned with in PVP battle, we will have weekly PVP events within the guild to hone our members skills in GvG, OWPVP, battlegrounds and 1 vs. 1 battles. We will also be active in dungeon parties as necessary for gearing our members.

TaT Information



Valley of Titans


Small [20+ members]


Mainly EST/CST


PVP/ENDGAME [we will do PVE as necessary to gear up our legion]



Official Forums:


Friis, Lenneth, Freakintank, Celestia


Ventrilo, a mic and the capability to be active in Ventrilo are an ultimate must. Also, all members must be 18 or older. For detailed information about our rules, check it out here.

Want to join us?

Go to our website: Thick as Thieves

Read over our rules and see if we're the right guild for you.

After that, make a forum account. (After you're accepted, you'll be able to get our Ventrilo information). If you desire to contact us in game on the Valley of Titans server, contact one of the following characters or put in a Thick as Thieves guild application via the game's interface: Friis, Lenneth, Freakintank, Celestia

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Thanks for your interest!