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17 and above.


International community, players from all over the world! USA/EU/Oceania/etc. Flexible events/raid schedules so EVERYONE can attend!

Voice chat/server

Ventrilo + Microphone(required).

Server location

Jagged Coast [PvP]

TERA Political System

YES, most definitely, we will attend events to these matters.

Rules of Conduct


To become one of the top ranked communities in gaming by going for QUALITY first over quantity and to offer the best gaming experience by working as a TEAM.

Looking for a guild that works as a TEAM? Treats each other with equality, respect and UNITY? Do you despise "cliques/elitism" where players EXCLUDE you because of your level and/or who you are? Here in Titernia, we do not tolerate with cliques/elitism. WE work as a team and a family TOGETHER, with players coming from ALL OVER THE WORLD, flexible raids/events. * Competitive PvP, we do not GANK or GRIEF others - especially lower level players.

* We DO NOT bring a large group of players and camp an area. If you are a TEAM PLAYER, then TITERNIA is FOR YOU!

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Who are we?

We are a large community that is here to help you, as a team, family and work through the same goals. Extremely well organized, in-experienced player? Don't worry! We will help you on learning the curves of the game. We recruit all kinds of players, from casual (min. 3hrs/day and 3->5 days / week) to hard core. Unselfish leadership, fun, friendly and helpful environment. We focus on both the PvP and PvE aspects in games (even in a PvP server, we will still have PvE events/raids). Established since March 12th (Grandia) 2011, no one in Titernia is ever left behind as we are ONE and we UNITE together. We do not tolerate with "cliques/elitism” in this community. We are not selfish towards other players (even non-members), we instance with anyone although a guild member always come first. Players from all over the world may join Titernia as long as you are able to follow our rules. > Officer List <

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Any further inquiries, you may drop me a message or leave a message in our Contact Us form:

Hope to see you soon and have an awesome day!