Recruitment video:

Hello and welcome to Touch Fluffy Tail Guild page



Age Requirement

35 and above.


International community, players from all over the world! USA/EU/Oceania/etc. Flexible events/raid schedules so EVERYONE can attend!

Voice chat/server

Ventrilo + Microphone(required).

Server location

Valley of the Titans [PvP]

TERA Political System

YES, most definitely, we will attend events to these matters.

Rules of Conduct

See Below


To become one of the top ranked communities in gaming by going for QUALITY first over quantity and to offer the best gaming experience by working as a TEAM.

About us

Dead game.

Guild Focus:

Hardcore PvP with some PvE.

Guild Leader:


Guild Alliances:


Sunless Gaming


Fatal Pulse

Love Explosion

Thick As Thieves

Fairy Tail

Reign of Chaos (Politically).

What we are expecting of our members and those who wishes to join:

  • We expect our members to have every game of Idolmasters, watched the show and know every character from the game, from every important character (ex: Miki and Iori) to non-important character (ex: Yayoi).
  • Must uphold the highest of Sportsmanship. Ganking is considered rude and lowly in the guild and zerging is banned.
  • Must have every knowledge of how each class work in Tera and have at least 3 level 60s decked out in +9 gold gear.
  • Must have 2400 arena rating from WoW and must be from Light of Dawn
  • You must be on at least 13 hours a day. If you're not, we will deem you as a casual and will send you off to No Fun Allowed.
  • We also expect our members to watch at least over 500+ hours of anime.
  • We do not tolerate those who uses emoticons in chat. Those who will, will be made fun of, interogated from where they came from and will be kicked and put on our kill on sight list until they shut down Tera.
  • Must have a name related to an anime/manga character or a video game anime character from Japan.
  • At least 10 figurines of anime characters and the figurine's cost must be over 8000¥.
  • Must be a Ram Elin.
  • Must have played over 10 Visual novels. Exlcuding Katawa Shoujo because that VN sucks.
  • Must have a Waifu. 3DPD not allowed.
  • Extensive Knowlege of Elin Honey Production.
  • Must be skilled in Elin erotic roleplay. This is mandatory.